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7th MUSICAR Training Session

Fri 21 Apr 17:00

7th Training Session
Music Practice for Deaf Students
Trainers: Filipa Teixeira Lopes and Susana Salgueiro

For Music Teachers and Education and Culture Professionals interested in Musical Training for All
These training activities will be individually certified as “Ações de Curta Duração” (ACD) (Short Duration Courses) by Pró-Inclusão (National Association of Special Education Teachers), as provided for in the Regime Jurídico da Formação Contínua de Professores (Legal Framework for Continuing Education for Teachers).


Musical Practice for Deaf Students – RitmoS Project

RitmoS arose from the idea that music could be a privileged means for the integration of deaf children into society.

RitmoS was created in 2003 and its goal was to develop in deaf children, in a playful way, the skills of attention, observation, memorization, identification and understanding of aspects related to the musical phenomenon. Rhythmic skills were worked, always in group, especially through body movement, instrumental practice and language games.

As of 2005, it formally replaced the discipline of Music Education in the curriculum of deaf students in pre-school education, 1st and 2nd grades at the Jacob Rodrigues Pereira Education and Development Center of Casa Pia of Lisbon. It was also made available a free class to all the deaf school community. Thus, RitmoS affirmed itself as a pioneering project of intervention in the area of Musical Education with deaf children and youngsters.

Later, due to technological evolution (advancement in the quality of hearing aids) and increasing access to the sound world (melodic component), RitmoS started to coexist with Music Education classes for children who took advantage of this option. The project was discontinued in 2021.

From the beginning, RitmoS was intended to be an intervention model that would meet the particular characteristics of this group of children and that music education would no longer be a factor of exclusion for deaf children and would become a means to enhance their inclusion. Based on studies conducted by several authors in the area of Music Education and in the area of deafblindness, we tried to transpose the importance of implementing Music Education programs (designed for hearing children) to RitmoS (designed for deaf children).

In this training session, Filipa Teixeira Lopes and Susana Salgueiro will share with us the guiding principles of this project, the methodologies tested and the results achieved. Part of the session will consist of a debate on possible and potentially suitable approaches to Music Practice for Deaf Students.

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