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Curricular Unit: Project of the Field II
Code: LCM021
Cientific Area: Musical Sciences

Learning Outcomes

The main goal of the curricular unit is to provide the student with the necessary tools to prepare a consistent artistic portfolio, attending to European guidelines. To a large extent, the professional insertion of musicians depends on this document, especially at the beginning of their careers.


> Preparation of a portfolio

> Preparation of a Curriculum Vitae

> Preparation of a biography for a concert

> Preparation of a concert program

> Development of a personal Website

Teaching Methodologies

The teaching methodologies include exhibition of data. The practical classes will be aimed at the individual work of each student under the supervision of the professor. As for the theoretical exposition, prevails a strong interaction between the concepts and their practical application. The transformation of concepts into working tools will be achieved by encouraging personal work.


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Teaching Staff
Rui Cabral Lopes