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Curricular Unit: World Music II
Code: LCM020
Cientific area: Musical Sciences

Learning Outcomes

> To acquire knowledge of the most relevant aspects of the history of ethnomusicology

> To analyze and reflect upon musical diversity that characterizes different musical cultures in the theoretical andpractical aspects

> To know the different processes that characterize the modernization of musical practices in different humangroups

>To reflect upon issues that are key concerns in this domain nowadays

> To address several analysis strategies, organization and interpretation of data collected through field research


> Domain and definitions of Ethnomusicology

> Fieldwork Methodology

> Musical Cultures: Portugal, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Far East, America

Teaching Methodologies

> Discussion of texts

> Listening and commenting different musical practices

> Presentation of visual documentation where appropriate


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Teaching Staff
Rui Cabral Lopes