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Curricular Unit: Orchestra Repertoire and Excerpts B
Code: LFM024
Cientific Area: Musical Training

Learning Outcomes

> Acquire the knowledge and understanding about the technical difficulties of the orchestra

> Obtaining knowledge about orchestra repertoire through the individual orchestra parts of all families of orchestral instruments

> Recognize performance specificities in orchestral instruments

> Understand the stylistic aspects of the musical excerpt

> Acquisition of skills for interpretive creativity


> Musical works of pedagogical/educational character to motivate the technical improvement of the students.

> Approach to the main orchestral excerpts (from orchestral repertoire) to enhance the musical and artistic development of the students.

Teaching Methodologies

Attendance and observation of the lessons of each of the 4 families of musical instruments: 3 lessons of the woods, 3 lessons of the brass, 3 lessons of the percussions and 3 lessons of the strings. Develop abilities to assimilate objectives.


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Teaching Staff
Nuno Miguel Antunes da Silva (regente)
Liviu Scripcaru
Anzela Akopyan
Daniela Radu
Diana Tzonkova
Irma Skenderi
Jian Hong
Vladimir Kouznetzov
Nuno António Simões Inácio
Roberto Erculiani
Vera Dias
Sally Fay Dean
Carlos Reinaldo dos Santos Antunes Guerreiro
Nuno Miguel Nunes Vaz
Sérgio Faria Franco Charrinho
Rui Miguel dos Reis Mendes Mirra
Adélio da Costa Carneiro
Charles Richard Buckley
Pedro Miguel Araújo e Silva
Fernando Llopis Mata