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Curricular Unit: Choir Practice I
Code: LPI059
Cientific area: Performance Practices

Learning outcomes:
The development of learning outcomes and skills in this curricular unit must be practical, and based in the performance and the study of both technique and musical repertoire.
Acquaintance and development of vocal technique – breathing, posture, vocal emission, artistic expression; connection between voice and body.
Development of listening skills and ear training, in the context of singing together with other voices, namely: balance, pitch, tuning, rhythmic flexibility and precision, text and interpretation.
Development of phonetic and linguistic skills by acquaintance of different languages.

Vocal and physical exercises of a broad scope, in order to exercise the voice in all its aspects.
Execution of choir repertoire from different periods and various styles, preferably SATB formation, a cappella or with piano accompaniment. Examples of works:
– O Magnum Misterium and O vos Omnes, T.L. de Vitoria
– Salve Regina and Adjuva Nos, D. de Melgaz
– Cantique de Jean Racine and Ave Verum, G. Fauré
– Moravian Duets, A. Dvórak
– Madrigals (SATB), L. Freitas Branco
– A Craddle Song, B. Britten
– Slovak Folk Songs, B. Bartók

Teaching methodologies:
METHODOLOGY: Sight-reading and interpretation of the chosen repertoire for each semester, diversifying the teaching and rehearsing method as much as possible, altering sight-singing with details of interpretation, intonation, ensemble balance and technical improvement in specific voices.

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Forrai, M. (1994). Choral Music of Five Centuries. Budapeste: Editio Musica Budapest

Teaching Staff:
Clara Coelho (regent)
Rafael Araújo