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Training Sessions - Musicar

MUSICAR project 
Music Practice for Visual and Hearing Impaired Communities


The first phase of the practical implementation of the project runs until mid-May. There are ten weekly training sessions, on Friday afternoons at Metropolitana’s headquarters, aimed for music teachers and education professionals.

The contents of these sessions consist of basic notions of Braille musicography, memorization methodologies and auditory training for blind or low vision students, basic notions of Portuguese sign language, guidelines for teaching choral, string, wind, and percussion instruments to blind or low vision students, and musical training for Deaf people.

Once this first phase is completed, a balance of the information gathered throughout the ten training actions will be carried out. For that purpose, discussion workshops will be held through videoconferencing, which will be open to the public and, in particular, attended by the trainers and trainees who attended the courses that took place. A summary of the shared contents will be made, as well as the working and teaching methodologies considered of interest to be tested and implemented in the following phases of the project will be identified. The creation of a Special Education Unit within Metropolitana, which will remain linked to the project, will allow for the elaboration of a pedagogical plan of intervention to be explored in the context of experimental workshops with the participation of blind or low-vision students and deaf students.

These training activities will be individually certified as Ações de Curta Duração (ACD) (Short Duration Courses) by Pró-Inclusão (National Association of Special Education Teachers), as provided for in the Regime Jurídico da Formação Contínua de Professores (Legal Framework for Continuing Education for Teachers).

The sessions take place in person at Metropolitana’s head office (in Lisbon) and are not transmitted online. Registration must be made on the respective forms for each of the activities, which are autonomous of each other.

Please access the schedule, details, and registration forms
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