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Final Concert - Musicar

MUSICAR project 
Music Practice fo Visual and Hearing Impaired Communities


At the end of the training phase, the groupings of the Ensemble Classes for the Blind and Deaf students will join the Orquestra Metropolitana de Lisboa (OML) in rehearsals for a public concert to be held on the stage of the São Teatro Luiz on 29th November.

Two blind artists, a pianist and a conductor, will also participate in the same concert, performing works from the current orchestral repertoire with OML. This will be an inclusive concert, where there will be equal opportunities for artistic practice with the disabled communities. This concert aims to raise awareness among the musical community in our country, but also, and above all, among the general public, seeking through the demonstration of artistic talent to replace manifestations of complacency with respect for the disabled.

On the same day, in the hours before the concert, a round table will take place in the Winter Garden of the São Luiz Theatre where there will be an evaluation of the project and a short musical sample of the work developed by the beneficiaries.