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Theoretical Classes and Ensemble Classes

MUSICAR project 
Music Practice for Visual and Hearing Impaired Communities


The third phase of the project will take place at Metropolitana’s headquarters between 23 September until the end of November on a weekly basis, always on Saturdays.

There will then be two distinct training classes, one dedicated to blind students and the other to deaf students. For this purpose, specialist teachers will be hired in the respective teaching areas, eminently focused on music theory and ensemble music practice. Whenever necessary, special education teachers and technicians will also be hired to ensure the regular functioning of the sessions. These classes may also be attended by representatives of the partner entities as well as participants of the training sessions held in the previous phase.

These classes for the blind consist primarily of training in Braille musicography, choral practice, and, more narrowly, an initiation to instrument practice.

The classes for the deaf consist in the expressive exploration of musical language in association with the Portuguese Sign Language and in the theorization of musical rhythm and syntax.

All the classes are free of charge.