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Curricular Unit: Musical Analysis VI
Code: LCM013
Cientific Area: Musical Sciences

Learning Outcomes

The aim of this curricular unit is to establish a connection between the music of the Second Viennese School and the other musical streams in the first half of the 20th century with the music of the post-war period. Students will study some of the main languages in use in the music of this last period. An overview of the Pitch Class Set theory is also given.


> Webern heritage and the integral serialism;

> Messiaen’s music: limited transposition modes and rhythm treatment techniques;

> Some of the techniques used by Varèse, Penderecki and Ligeti;

> Concrete music, electronic music and electroacoustic music: Schaeffer and Stockhausen;

> Other languages such as the microtonalism, the expectral music and the minimalism;

> Overview of Pitch Class Set theory.

Teaching Methodologies

The curricular unit consists of fourteen one and a half hour-long sessions. A list of repertory will be previously sent to students. Students, in each session, analyze one work (or a segment of a work). Whenever necessary, technical aspects related to the given subject are addressed separately.


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Teaching Staff

Emanuel Frazão