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Mission, Vision and Values


AMEC | Metropolitana is a non-profit cultural institution established in March 1992 with the aim of promoting and teaching classical music. It manages two orchestras – the Orquestra Metropolitana de Lisboa and the Orquestra Académica Metropolitana – and three educational establishments – the National Academy of Advanced Orchestral Studies (higher education), the Metropolitana Conservatory of Music (primary and secondary levels) and the Metropolitan Professional School (integrated education).

Founded by the Lisbon City Council, Secretary of State for Culture, Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Solidarity and Social Security, Secretary of State for Tourism and Secretary of State for Sport and Youth, AMEC | Metropolitana is also made up of a wide range of Sponsors, Regional Promoters and Partners who come together in this project with innovative characteristics.

It is distinguished by the way it brings together the musical practice of its orchestras, which annually stage hundreds of concerts in the most diverse formats and venues, and the vocational education of music, from pre-school initiation to masters degree. With 30 years of activity, AMEC | Metropolitana is today a consolidated institution, an unavoidable reference in the panoramas of national arts education and culture. It has educated several orchestra directors and many classical musicians who are currently working at the most relevant national and international institutions. It performed thousands of concerts throughout the country, always accompanied by quality and innovation. It is headquartered in the old Standard Eléctrica building, next to the Tagus river.

Daily life at AMEC | Metropolitana is characterized by the close coexistence between several generations, with a way of being full of dynamism, a lot of creativity and all the energy inherent to the intense musical sharing between about 300 students, 80 teachers, 32 administrative staff, 37 professional musicians, the public that he attends the concerts and the guardians who, so closely, follow his activity.

AMEC | Metropolitana is a unique and innovative project in the national and international context, which bases its value on a broad and transversal performance in the fields of music education and the promotion of musical culture.

Using the values and enthusiasm of its team, AMEC | Metropolitana intends to reach out to all those who truly love music and contribute to the discovery of this inexhaustible cultural universe. ​​



To promote awareness of music, contributing to self-development, either through musical learning and educating excellent professional musicians, or through the promotion of musical culture, seeking to raise awareness of all tastes and all audiences.


Position AMEC / Metropolitana as an international reference in the areas of music education and musical interpretation, consolidating the importance that music can play in social intervention, thus constituting an ideal place to learn, teach and share music.


Excellence, Professionalism, Creativity, Sharing, Social Responsibility