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Application / Entry Requirements


Application / Entry Requirements

> Bachelor Degree in music, Professional School of Music (Level 4) or Secondary music
Course (8th degree) + Secondary School completedSome experience in composing music is desired *
> Basic experience composing and producing music within a DAW
> Basic experience with notation software
> English Language: ability to understand, speak, write and read
> ANSO may interview applicants if deem necessary

*Although not mandatory we encourage you to send us a sample of your composition (score / audio /a clip video with your scoring)

Note: the program will only work with a minimum number of candidates

Technology Requirements

> Good and steady internet connection (to support video and audio)
> Zoom app
> Computer*
> Midi Keyboard
> DAW that allows importing video (such as Logic, Cubase, Protools, Digital Performer, other)
> Some virtual instruments libraries and synths (can be free, in-DAW or purchased)
> Notation Software (Musescore, Notion, Sibelius, Finale, Dorico, etc)

* Minimum: a computer MAC or PC that can run fairly light virtual instruments (RAM memory ~6-8GB) and capable to run smoothly a DAW and DAW DSP Plugins.