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Curricular Unit: General Repertory Seminar
Code: LCM002
Cientific area: Musical Sciences

Learning outcomes

> Approach themes of the general musical repertoire with interest and relevance, which are appropriate to the beginning of the 1st cycle of studies in music, namely: choral-symphonic, pianistic, orchestral, instrumental and vocal.

> Encourage discussion around the themes previously announced.

> Provide contributions from different areas of knowledge inherent to the repertoire, such as interpretation, composition and music theory.

> Provide students with an interdisciplinary contact between theoretical and practical music areas.


> Articles, book chapters and research articles related to the knowledge about musical repertoire in practical, theoretical and scientific aspects.

> Approach of the master pieces of the choral-symphonic, pianistic, orchestral, instrumental and vocal repertoire that promote musical and artistic development of the students.

Teaching methodologies

The themes are distributed at the beginning of the semester by the teachers. The seminar assumes the participation of students as a basis for the operation of classes, encouraging autonomy in learning.


The Bibliography is very diverse, depending on the assigned topics. In general, these will be different scores, references of musical works, book chapters, research articles and internet references on topics related to the musical repertoire, assimilable by students at this level of study.

Teaching Staff

Yan Mikirtumov (regent)
Emanuel Frazão
Alexei Eremine
Paul Wakabayashi
Rui Cabral Lopes
Paulo Oliveira
Jean-Marc Burfin
Nuno Dario Sá
Nuno Inácio
Nuno Miguel Antunes da Silva