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Curricular Unit: Free Composition II
Code: LPI062
Cientific area: Performance Practices

Learning outcomes

– Develop and guide student creativity with regard to composition.
Increase the awareness of the possibilities and constraints inherent to the act of composing.
– Acquire techniques to plan and control their compositions with regard to its language and structure.
– Expand the knowledge of contemporary musical notation.


– Planning compositions as to their structure, metric, rhythm, texture, pitch organization and instrumentation.
– Study of techniques that allow to develop the musical material in order to give coherence to the musical discourse.
– Study of contemporary musical notation.

Teaching methodologies

– Practical classes based on the correction of the work done by the student and his specific needs in technical terms.
– Each class may have an expository component if it is necessary to study matters related to the practical work.


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Teaching Staff
Emanuel Frazão (regent)
Nuno Dario