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Three Concerts 

Picadeiro Real do Museu dos Coches
Sat 27 May 17:00


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The years following World War II were translated into major changes in civilization, also in terms of music. Whether the youngest or the most experienced composers, everyone had to position themselves aesthetically before a new world. Joly Braga Santos and György Ligeti were at the beginning of their respective careers. In this program we have the opportunity to hear works by both, also dating from 1951. Braga Santos had already had the opportunity to study for some time in Italy and opted at that stage for an eminently melodic writing, sometimes modal and with classical forms, as in the Concerto for Strings. Ligeti, on the other hand, was studying at the Budapest Music Academy and, with this Concerto Romanesco, recovered traditional music, in the line of Enescu and Bartók. In between, António Chagas Rosa premiered his second creation with OML, this time a Violin Concerto.

Three Concerts 
Lisbon Metropolitan Orchestra

J. Braga Santos Concerto for Strings in D 
António Chagas Rosa Concerto for Violin and Orchestra (absolute premiere)
G. Ligeti Romanesco Concerto

José Pereira violin
Pedro Neves conductor