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9th MUSICAR Training Session

Fri 05 May 17:00

9th Training Session
Instrument Practice for Blind and Low Vision Students / (Strings and Ensemble Practice)

Trainers: Teachers of the Philharmonic Enarmonia Project

For Music Teachers and Education and Culture Professionals interested in Musical Training for All
These training activities will be individually certified as “Ações de Curta Duração” (ACD) (Short Duration Courses) by Pró-Inclusão (National Association of Special Education Teachers), as provided for in the Regime Jurídico da Formação Contínua de Professores (Legal Framework for Continuing Education for Teachers).


The teaching of musical instruments to people who are blind or have low vision and their musical practice together – immediately conditioned by the inexistence or scarcity of printed materials in Braille musicography – pose several challenges to the teacher-instrumentalist. Therefore, throughout the three training courses of the MUSICAR project, we intend to recommend good practices for the teaching and practice of music by people with visual impairment. Methods and guidelines for teaching various instruments, applications and programs that allow the preparation of other teaching materials, morphological adaptations necessary or advisable of the instrument and other technological equipment that facilitate the management of groups participated by this community are also given. This session is dedicated to fricated strings and ensemble practice.

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