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Trumpets of Brazil

Museu do Oriente
Sun 12 Nov 17:00
Entrada Livre

The Metropolitana Soloists dedicate this program almost entirely to Brazilian chamber music for trumpet. An exception is the initial piece, composed in 1849 by Francisco dos Santos Pinto, a prominent musician in the Portuguese music scene of that period, who became conductor-director of the Real Teatro de São Carlos and resident composer at the Teatro D. Maria. Although his instrument of choice was the French horn, this Little Solo for Trumpet is indebted to the experience of the early years of his career, when he played cornet and clarinet in the Royal Guard Police Band and the Royal Chamber Orchestra. Then we crossed the Atlantic and a century of history, to the second half of the 20th century. It was then that important Brazilian composers gave “voice” to this instrument. This is the case of Francisco Mignone, who in 1983 composed five short pieces inspired by traditional circle dances from the northeast of Brazil. But there are also lesser-known names, such as Guerra Vicente, who, although born near Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo in 1907, emigrated to Rio de Janeiro at the age of 10. In 1963 he composed this Concerto, which soon became a must-have in the repertoire of the most virtuoso trumpet players. We also have the chance to hear Norma Jeane from 2001, Celso Mojola’s tribute to actress Marilyn Monroe. There are also pieces originally written for different formations; for piano four hands by Aylton Escobar, and for singing and piano by Ronaldo Miranda, Lorenzo Fernândes and Ernani Aguiar.

Trumpets of Brazil
Metropolitan’s soloists

Francisco dos Santos Pinto Small Solo for Trumpet
Celso Mojola Norma Jeane
Aylton Escobar Seresta
Ronaldo Miranda Night and Day
Francisco Mignone Five Cirandas
Lorenzo Fernândes Noturno
Guerra Vicente Concerto for Trumpet
Ernani Aguiar Cantilena

Sérgio Charrinho, João Moreira trumpets, Savka Konjikusic piano