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The Storm

Teatro São Luiz
Wed 13 Sep 20:00

12€ e 15€

Tickets for sale

Image: ©Pedro Cabrita Reis

For the first time in Portugal, The Tempest is being staged with the work of composer Jean Sibelius, produced for Shakespeare’s text, in a project of encounters. First of all, two geniuses, Sibelius and Shakespeare – theater and symphonic music. A show of epic and oneiric content. With actors, singers, choir and orchestra – Kyiv National Operetta’s Theatre, Lisbon Metropolitan Orchestra and Choir of the Summer Festival – Participative Project – an artistic object is created that aims to highlight, in 2023, the drives, emotions and relationships of human nature and, above all, what results from the dialectics between the individual and the political mechanisms of power. At a time when humanity is going through a bloody war in the middle of Europe, it seems essential to put on stage as a central theme what can be read in Prospero’s message: only forgiveness and redemption can convey a future and an idea of continuity.

The Storm
Lisbon Metropolitan Orchestra

J. Sibelius The Tempest [adaptation by Daniel Bernardes]

Cesário Costa conductor


TEXT William Shakespeare
TRANSLATION José Manuel Mendes, Luís Miguel Cintra and Luís Lima Barreto
MUSIC The Tempest, Op.109 by Jean Sibelius
SCENOGRAPHY Pedro Cabrita Reis
FIGURES Luísa Pacheco
CHORUS MASTER Paulo Vassalo Lourenço
INTERPRETATION André Laires, Carolina Campanela, Duarte Guimarães, Francisco Vistas, Hugo Mestre Amaro, Jaime Baeta, João Barbosa, Luís Lima Barreto, Nuno Nogueira, Rogério Boane
SINGERS Anastasiya Martyniuk, Kateryna Yasenchuk, Volodymyr Odrynskyi (Soloists from the Kyiv National Operetta’s Theatre) Nuno Nogueira, Yoann Auboyneau, Lisbon Metropolitan Orchestra, Summer Festival Choir – Participative Project
PRODUCER Alexandre Oliveira
SUPPORT Summer Festival Choir – Participative Project
COPRODUCTION Teatro do Bairro, Companhia de Teatro de Braga, Theatro Circo, Kyiv National Operetta’s Theatre and São Luiz Teatro Municipal