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Feasts and Festivals

Mozart's Requiem | easter concert

Grande Auditório do Centro Cultural de Belém
Thu 06 Apr 19:00

From 17,50€ to 35€

Tickets for sale

Mozart’s Requiem is a monument to the human condition. On the one hand, it has at its origin the essential ingredients of a best-selling novel, such as the unconditional surrender of the genius to his art, mysterious characters who omit their identity, conspiracy… and Death, thus reinforced by the musical genre that is most directly related to it. On the other hand, it is sublime music that moves us every time we hear it and that, in all its beauty, crosses with firm steps the thresholds of our understanding. The idea remains that, perhaps, it “speaks” to us of Life and not of Death.


Mozart’s Requiem | easter concert
Lisbon Metropolitan Orchestra | Alma Ensemble

W. A. Mozart Requiem

Rita Marques soprano
Cátia Moreso half-soprano
Leonel Pinheiro tenor
Laurence Meikle bass

Filipa Palhares
choir conductor
Pedro Neves conductor