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Grande Auditório do Centro Cultural de Belém
Sun 05 Mar 17:00

From 12€ to 20€

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In Beethoven’s symphonies we can identify idyllic and humorous moods as well as tragic or epic impulses. But it all depends on the imagination of the listener. As a portrait, music has never aspired to compete with an oil painting, still less with a photograph. After all, how could an orchestra reproduce the image of a sunny afternoon by a stream? Instead, Symphony No. 6 proposes to express through sound the feelings that country scenes arouse in us.

This will be the framework for the world premiere of the first Piano Concerto composed by Tiago Derriça, a commission from the CCB. It also awakens the desire to discover the concertante impulses of this composer.


Orquestra Metropolitana de Lisboa

Tiago Derriça Concerto for Piano and Orchestra (Premiere)*
L. v. Beethoven Symphony No. 6, Pastoral

Marta Menezes piano
Paul Daniel conductor

* Commissioned by CCB