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Opening Concert of the Música Viva 2024 Festival

Picadeiro Real - Museu dos Coches 
Fri 03 May 21:00
Entrada Livre

The OML has once again joined the Música Viva Festival, the oldest Portuguese festival entirely dedicated to contemporary music creation, since 1992. At the opening of this edition, the orchestra will premiere a work by António Sousa Dias, a composer whose career has been pushing the boundaries between music and other arts. The orchestra then turns to the world around us: with Miguel Azguime, to the transfiguration of humanity; with João Madureira, to the panorama of composition in Portugal at the beginning of this century. Two soloists are also invited. Camila Mandillo’s voice recovers three areas of György Ligeti’s opera Le Grand Macabre. At the piano, José Pedro Ribeiro plays the only concerto that Arnold Schoenberg dedicated to this instrument, at a late stage when he was already an American citizen.

Opening Concert of the Música Viva 2024 Festival
Lisbon Metropolitan Orchestra

António de Sousa Dias Absolute premiere *
Miguel Azguime La transfiguration de l’impossible
João Madureira Greetings
György Ligeti Mysteries of the Macabre, for soprano and chamber orchestra (arr. E. Howarth)
Arnold Schoenberg Concerto for Piano and Orchestra

Camila Mandillo soprano, José Pedro Ribeiro piano
Pedro Neves conductor

* Commissioned by Miso Music Portugal