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The Gipsy Violin

Picadeiro Real do Museu dos Coches
Sat 11 Mar 17:00

8€ | Under 12 years old: 5€.

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The Gypsy Violin is a traditional tale about the endearing magic of a violin. It tells the legend of how this instrument became so popular in the culture of the gypsy peoples in Central and Eastern Europe. At the end he reminds us that “no one can resist the music of the gypsy violin. If it’s sad, everyone is sad; but when it’s happy, everyone wants to laugh and dance. Pedro Faria Gomes composed this work for narrator and orchestra at the invitation of the Metropolitana – more than sixteen years ago! On this occasion, another short story, by António Torrado, serves as an interlude to the program. Also in the voice of flutist Janete Santos, it tells us about work… or the aversion many have to it. Before that, conductor Bruno Borralhinho and OML interpret Haydn’s Symphony No. 83, the most eccentric of the six Paris Symphonies. Interestingly, it was known by the name “The Chicken” because of a melodic theme heard in the first movement that reminds us of the chicken pecking, with short, sharp notes in the oboe and violins.


The Gipsy Violin
Lisbon Metropolitan Orchestra

Joseph Haydn
Symphony No. 83, The Chicken
The Little Red Hen / story by António Torrado
Pedro Faria Gomes The Gipsy Violin

Janete Santos
Bruno Borralhinho conductor