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Heroic Symphony

Grande Auditório do Centro Cultural de Belém
Sun 26 Nov 17:00

12,50€ a 25€

Tickets for sale

Music awakens impressions of places near and far, of times past and future. However, wherever it comes from, it is a present phenomenon, proper to the moment in which it happens. Composers know this well. This program brings together two works that, at a distance of two centuries, dialogue explicitly with the world around them. In 1804, Beethoven’s Heroica portrayed the struggle of the individual for a greater cause, the fruit of a deeply romantic idealization. In 2019, Pedro Lima explored the horizons of his generation, shaken by the climate crisis, digital dystopia and the threat of an imminent end. In between, Luís Tinoco premieres another concerto for soloist and orchestra. After the horn, saxophone, clarinet and cello, it’s now the accordion’s turn.

Heroic Symphony
Lisbon Metropolitan Orchestra

Pedro Lima Talkin(g) (A)bout My Generation
Luís Tinoco Concerto for Accordion (absolute premiere *)
L. v. Beethoven Symphony No. 3, Heroica

João Barradas accordion
Pedro Neves conductor

* CCB commission