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Concerto for Orchestra

Aula Magna da Reitoria da Universidade de Lisboa
Sat 17 Jun 17:00

Doutorais 15€
Anfiteatro 10€

Tickets for sale

With musical direction by Emilio Pomàrico, this program brings together the Orquestra Metropolitana de Lisboa and the Orquestra Académica Metropolitana in a symphonic formation that crowns the singularity of this artistic-pedagogical project. Without feathers or lenticules, teachers and students dress strictly to interpret three works that are more inspirational than festive. They exalt the best that orchestral writing had to offer in the middle of the 20th century. György Ligeti’s Lontano impresses with sonorous textures dense and fluid as magma. The Romanesque Concerto by the same Ligeti contrasts by identity with traditional Romanian music. The Concerto for Orchestra by Béla Bartók surprises by transforming the orchestra suits into true soloists.

Concert0 for Orchestra
Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra

G. Ligeti Lontano
G. Ligeti Romanesco Concerto
B. Bartók Concerto for Orchestra

Emilio Pomàrico conductor