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Chamber Music

Children’s Album

Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Consolação do Castelo, Sesimbra
Sat 25 Mar 16:00

What was it like to be a child 150 years ago? How did the younger ones dressed? What were their favorite sweets? How did they study? How did they play? And why did they work? After all, all adults were once children, even the very old ones. In this talk/concert we will go into the stories they told and the dreams they used to dream. To do so, we invited four musicians from the Lisbon Metropolitan Orchestra to play some pieces composed in 1878 by Tchaikovsky and dedicated to his nephew Vladimir Davydov, who was only seven years old at the time. We know what music some of the children were listening to. It is more difficult to guess what kind of delight it evoked in them.


Children’s Album
Metropolitana’s Soloists

P. I. Tchaikovsky Children’s Album (version for string quartet)

Rui Campos Leitão narration and commentaries

Anzhela Akopyan, Daniela Radu violins
Andrei Ratnikov viola
cellist to be announced

Illustration: ©Rita Antunes