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Chamber Music

Carnival of the Animals

Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Consolação do Castelo, Sesimbra
Sun 26 Mar 16:00

The Carnival of the Animals is a “musical zoological fantasy” that was composed by Camille Saint-Saëns in 1886, then with the simple purpose of entertaining friends during the Carnival period. This explains the amusing tone with which kangaroos, chickens, fossils… pianists… are musically portrayed! In fact, it is a satire of the musical milieu of the time. The turtles slowly dance the slowest cancan in living memory, in an undisguised reference to Offenbach and his operettas. The elephants, on the other hand, do it to the sound of a (very) adulterated Minuet by Berlioz. Such is the mocking disposition that the composer never allowed its public performance. Posthumously, it became his most popular composition. A transcription for wind quintet is performed on this program, similar to twelve pieces by Georges Bizet inspired by children’s play.

Carnival of the Animals
Metropolitana’s Soloists

G. Bizet Children’s Games (transc. by G. Davies)
C. Saint-Saëns The Carnival of the Animals (transc. by D. Bussik)

Nuno Inácio flute, narration and commentary

Carla Pereira oboe
Jorge Camacho clarinet
Rafaela Oliveira bassoon
Jérôme Arnouf horn

Illustration ©Rita Antunes