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Atlantic Sound Encounters

Museu Nacional Ferroviário, Entroncamento
Fri 29 Sep 21:00


Tickets for sale

The 3rd edition of the “Music and the World – Atlantic Sound Encounters” concert cycle is coming to Entroncamento and, in particular, to the National Railway Museum. It brings together composers from successive generations who, by “connecting the dots”, reveal a distinct lineage. It all begins in 1886, when Vincent d’Indy set out to recreate the old Baroque court dances. As early as 1895, Francisco de Lacerda went to the Schola Cantorum to study with the French musician. When he returned to Portugal at the end of the 1920s, he dedicated himself to researching traditional Portuguese music. He then influenced Fernando Lopes Graça, in turn Sérgio Azevedo’s teacher, who appears here transcribing Lacerda’s symphonic poems. There is also a preview of the work that won the 2nd Edition of the Francisco de Lacerda Composition Prize. With an ear to the past. With impressions of the present. These are the Atlantic Sound Encounters.

Atlantic Sound Encounters
Lisbon Metropolitan Orchestra

Vincent d’Indy Suite in the Old Style
Luís Neto da Costa Ecos de Trovas (preview) *
Francisco de Lacerda Four Pieces by Francisco Lacerda (Adapted for Classical Orchestra by Sérgio Azevedo) **
Fernando Lopes Graça Sinfonieta (Homage to Haydn)

Rita Castro Blanco conductor

* Winner of the 2nd Edition of the Francisco de Lacerda Composition Prize Millennium bcp Foundation
** Commissioned by the Francisco de Lacerda Association.