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Causas & Propósitos

5th MUSICAR Training Session

Fri 31 Mar 17:00

5th Training Session
Memorization and Auditory Training for the Blind

Trainer: Catarina Braga

For Music Teachers and Education and Culture Professionals interested in Musical Training for All
These training activities will be individually certified as “Ações de Curta Duração” (ACD) (Short Duration Courses) by Pró-Inclusão (National Association of Special Education Teachers), as provided for in the Regime Jurídico da Formação Contínua de Professores (Legal Framework for Continuing Education for Teachers).


Memorization is a fundamental process in the musical practice of a blind or low vision student. The score is useful for learning, but the musician may not use it during the performance. The memorization techniques must, in a progressive process, be started since the beginning of music, and be allied to the listening practice so that the future musician acquires the necessary skills for the practice of the instrument, ensemble practice and to understand formal structures and stylistic contents.
In this session we intend to address the memorization process and explore methodologies and pedagogical resources that allow a teacher to provide this student with a full musical learning experience.