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Causas & Propósitos

2nd MUSICAR Training Session

Fri 10 Mar 17:00

2nd MUSICAR Training Course
Introduction to BRAILLE Musicography (II)

Trainer: Rui Magno Pinto

For Music Teachers and Education and Culture Professionals interested in Musical Training for All
These training activities will be individually certified as “Ações de Curta Duração” (ACD) (Short Duration Courses) by Pró-Inclusão (National Association of Special Education Teachers), as provided for in the Regime Jurídico da Formação Contínua de Professores (Legal Framework for Continuing Education for Teachers).


In this second training action of the MUSICAR project, once again focused on Braille Musicography, the basics of this musical writing system will be remembered. Without recourse to diastematic graphics, it reveals the existing solutions for transcribing a score with the simple use of a succession of Braille cells. There will be exercises in reading and writing musical notes, accidentals, rhythmic figures, rests, bars, clefs, clef frames, ligatures, double bars, etc. After reviewing these fundamentals, the signs that represent homorhythmic polyphony, counterpoint, and harmony will be explained. Methodologies to facilitate the teaching-learning process will also be shared, including playful materials.