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INATEL Foundation Prize celebrates 10 years

With a long history of partnership, Metropolitana and the INATEL Foundation are promoting three awards that distinguish and recognise scholastic merit and encourage student performance at three distinctive levels: an award at secondary school level, the INATEL Award – Metropolitana Professional School Competition (EPM); at higher education level, the INATEL Foundation Award – Young Soloist with the National Academy of Advanced Orchestral Studies (ANSO) and, for the first time in 2023, an award dedicated to chamber music ensembles: the INATEL Award – Chamber Music Competition.

For the INATEL Foundation, “these awards are an initiative aimed at recognising scholastic merit and encouraging student performance. It is through these incentives that we provide our young musicians with a very important distinction and recognition for their future careers as professional musicians.”

The Orquestra Académica Metropolitana concert on 19 May marked the 10th anniversary of the INATEL Foundation Prize – Young Soloist with the ANSO, which was awarded to clarinettist Guilherme Duque, a student in Professor Nuno Silva’s class.

The INATEL Foundation emphasises that “once again there was a concert of great artistic quality”. Proud to participate in the training of young Portuguese musicians, the INATEL Foundation “congratulates all the winners of this long-standing partnership who have been honoured for their hard work.”

Yan Mikirtumov, Metropolitana’s Pedagogical Director, says that “the 10-year milestone of the partnership and the three awards that currently exist demonstrate the trust placed in our institution and the solid relationship between Metropolitana and the INATEL Foundation.”

After expressing his gratitude on behalf of the three Metropolitana schools, the Director also shared that “this strategic partnership, which honours us so much, rewards the artistic quality of the ANSO and EPM students and has not only made it possible to achieve and demonstrate the remarkable results in terms of performance practice and teaching at our schools, but also to contribute to the training of young people, citizens and future musicians. We therefore take this celebratory moment to congratulate all the students who have won awards over the years and hope that our partnership with the INATEL Foundation will continue to be fruitful and long-lasting,” he concluded.