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PROGRAM DESCRIPTION | Film Scoring Post Graduate Program



What will I learn?

> Score effectively for film, TV and Interactive Media (games)
> Orchestration and orchestral production for Film and TV
> Film genres specific scoring strategies and techniques
> Understand the language of cinema
> How a successful film score works
> History of film music
> Music Production and Music Technology
> Understand the role of music in film and that of the film composer
> Identify specific problems in scoring and how to solve them
> Business of Film Scoring


What will I get?

> Command of the craft of Film Scoring
> In-depth knowledge of the craft and demands of the field
> Music production skills (DAW)
> Real-world processes and methods working experience
> Top national and international industry guest lecturers (directors, producers, editors, PR, amongst others)
> Recording sessions experience working with professional musicians and studios; session and score preparation
> Weekly feedback from teachers (working professionals)
> The opportunity to network and collaborate
> Post Graduate Certificate in Film Scoring (for candidates holding a Bachelor, Master or PhD)
> A portfolio of compositions for film and media


Curriculum Modules

> Film Scoring  – 1, 2, 3
> Orchestration –  1, 2, 3
> The Language of Cinema
> Film Score Studies – 1, 2
> History of Film music
> Music Technology & Music Production – 1, 2


Other subjects

> 4 recording sessions (Remote recording available)
> 1 with a Professional Orchestra
> Guest lecturers


How does it work?

Higher education practice-based program
>Real Classes: Live- Online with full interaction with instructors and classmates
>10 months: September to June (+36 weeks), 3 quarters
>10 hours of weekly classes with feedback on your assignments from the instructors
> 4 live recording sessions in a professional recording studio
> After working hours:
– Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday – 7pm-9pm
– Saturday – 9am-1pm
> Classes are taught in Portuguese and in English


You’re expected to dedicate an average of 8h of homework per week, mostly on the Film Scoring 1, 2, 3 courses.