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Beethoven & Brahms

Waltzes of Love and the Agony of a Titan

Picadeiro Real do Museu Nacional dos Coches
Fri 02 Dec 19:00


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Olivier Cuendet first performed with OML in 1993. On that occasion he joined Paulo Gaio Lima in the interpretation of Haydn’s Cello Concerto No. 1. Since then, the Swiss maestro has conducted the orchestra more than forty times and has always maintained a strong friendship with the cellist and teacher who left us in May 2021. On his first return to Lisbon after that date, he brings with him a program that reveals lesser-known facets of Brahms’ and Beethoven’s legacies: from the former, orchestrations of some of the Love Song Waltzes originally conceived for the private Viennese salons of the 1870s; from the latter, the music he composed for a dance show inspired by the myth of Prometheus. In between, Cuendet premieres one of his compositions dedicated to Gaio Lima, joining percussionist Fritz Hauser, the musicians of the orchestra, and all of us in this corner of music that expresses itself in lament and heartfelt tribute.

Waltzes of Love and the Agony of a Titan
Lisbon Metropolitan Orchestra

J. Brahms 9 Waltzes of Love Songs, Op. 52 and Op. 65, transcriptions for orchestra
Olivier Cuendet Quadri (absolute premiere)
L. v. Beethoven Suite from the ballet The Creatures of Prometheus

Fritz Hauser percussion
Olivier Cuendet conductor