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Chamber Music

The Soldier's Story

Lu.Ca - Teatro Luís de Camões
Fri 24 Mar 10:30

Originally, The Soldier’s Story was a travelling theatre show with live music. It was premiered in Switzerland over a hundred years ago, during the First World War.

Igor Stravinsky needed only seven musicians to accompany this story by Charles Ferdinand Ramuz that can be read, acted or danced. A soldier turns his back on war and sets out on his way home. In between, he meets an old butterfly hunter who offers to exchange his violin for a magic book that would bring him whatever he desires.

But “there’s no beauty without a catch”. It was the devil in disguise, and ambition always has a price to pay.


The Soldier’s Story
Metropolitana’s Soloists

I. Stravinsky The Soldier’s Story (libretto C. F. Ramuz)

José Teixeira narration

Nuno Silva clarinet
Lurdes Carneiro bassoon
Sérgio Charrinho trumpet
trombonist to be announced
Fernando Llopis percussion
José Pereira violin
Vladimir Kouznetsov double bass