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The entirety of Beethoven's Piano Concertos

Grande Auditório do Centro Cultural de Belém
Sat 02 Mar 21:00

12,50€ a 25€

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One of the aspects that best distinguishes Beethoven’s music is the impression that it is never restricted to a recreational function, nor to the apparatus of technical virtuosity. It presents itself as an expression of ideals, suggesting a privileged relationship with the world and with posterity. It has thus become universal, so much so that we can contemplate it today with the familiarity of an ever-present voice, even though it is more than two centuries old. However, this resolute aura of Beethoven’s corresponds to the middle period of his career, which was heralded by the Heroic Symphony. His five piano concertos, on the other hand, allow us to follow the creative path that led him there. The first three belong to an earlier phase, when the references of Haydn and Mozart were the model for building his own identity. The last two reflect more clearly the impetus and audacity that became his “trademark”.

The entirety of Beethoven’s Piano Concertos
Lisbon Metropolitan Orchestra

L. v. Beethoven Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 2, Op. 19
L. v. Beethoven Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 3, Op. 37
L. v. Beethoven Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 4, Op. 58

François Frédéric Guy musical direction and piano