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Mendelssohn & Schumann

Cinema-Teatro Joaquim D'Almeida, Montijo
Fri 20 Oct 21:30

There are still those who say that classical music is all the same! That’s like looking at a forest and not seeing the trees. It certainly reflects formalities that we don’t share in our day-to-day lives. However, once you get past this strangeness, a world of possibilities opens up. Thus, these two string quartets are presented side by side. Curiously, they are the last that Schumann and Mendelssohn composed. In 1843, Schumann dedicated the publication of his three quartets to Mendelssohn. The latter completed a volume of six quartets towards the end of his life, in 1847. These are two classical scores, with technical solutions that Haydn and Mozart knew well. But they have such expressive intensity and resourcefulness that they are romantic. In addition, each had their own style. In Schumann’s music you can feel the effort of the craft. It’s deliberate, somewhat obsessive, but always delicate. There are four movements immersed in poetic affectation and ceremonious gravity. For its part, Mendelssohn’s music is luminous and exuberant. Although this work was created while he was mourning the death of his sister Fanny, it goes far beyond a lament. It is fury, bizarreness, elegy and resignation.

Mendelssohn & Schumann
Metropolitana’s Soloists

F. Mendelssohn String Quartet No. 6, Op. 80
R. Schumann String Quartet No. 3, Op. 41

José Pereira, Joana Dias violins, Santiago Medina viola, Tiago Mirra cello