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Feasts and Festivals

Paulo Gaio Lima Cello Festival

Teatro São Luiz
Sat 29 Apr 20:00

From 12€ to 15€

Tickets for sale

The cello, as we know it today, is an instrument that has existed for over five hundred years. It has, therefore, many stories to tell us, namely through the immense and valuable repertoire that has been entrusted to it over time. Therefore, it is worth the Metropolitana dedicating this last week of April to it by promoting masterclasses, a competition, and three days of concerts at Teatro São Luiz for us to hear everything it has to tell us. Passing through works by Haydn, Schostakovich and several other reference composers, this is also the occasion to remember one of the most remarkable cellists of our musical panorama in the last decades. Paulo Gaio Lima left us almost two years ago. An extraordinary performer, he was also listened to as a pedagogue by the vast majority of today’s Portuguese cellists. This is the first edition of an initiative that evokes his name and that is intended to be held biannually.


Paulo Gaio Lima Cello Festival
Lisbon Metropolitan Orchestra

J. Braga Santos
Divertimento N.º 1
J. Haydn Concerto for Cello and Orchestra in D Major

Marco Pereira
Pedro Neves conductor


Next Paulo Gaio Lima Festival Concert at São Luiz

Paulo Gaio Lima Cello Orchestra
Sunday April 30, 5:30pm, São Luiz Theater
Tatiana Leonor artistic direction