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Bolero Fantástico | Metropolitana Anniversary Concert

Sala Principal do Teatro Tivoli BBVA 
Mon 17 Jun 21:00

Grandiose, innovative, the Symphonie Fantastique and the Bolero are two monuments of the symphonic repertoire. Berlioz described through music the self-destructive passion of an artist for a beautiful woman, using a recurring melody in five movements. Almost a century later, in 1928, in a single breath, Ravel composed Bolero, a “choreographic symphony” based on repetitive cells that foreshadowed musical minimalism. Both have taken root in popular culture. We all know them today from cinema and advertising. It’s time to hear it live!

Bolero Fantástico | Metropolitana Anniversary Concert
Metropolitana Symphony Orchestra

H. Berlioz Sinfonia Fantastica
M. Ravel Bolero

Pedro Neves conductor