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April 25, 50 Years

Pavilhão Paz e Amizade, Loures
Thu 25 Apr 21:00
Entrada Livre

In the 1940s, Fernando Lopes Graça began composing “Heroic, Dramatic, Bucolic and Other Songs”. In author’s editions, he published eight notebooks, six of them even before April 25, under ban by the political regime. In Liberdade, the “message” became more explicit, as exemplified by the recreation of the melody of Grândola, Vila Morena. Conductor Luís Cardoso transcribed some of these songs for orchestra. For her part, Anne Victorino d’Almeida also recovered melodies by Zeca Afonso to celebrate the Revolution, with Histórias de Abril. And because it’s all about the spirit of change, Beethoven’s famous Fifth Symphony comes to mind.

April 25, 50 Years
Lisbon Metropolitan Orchestra
Participative Choir
Loures Conservatory of Arts
CoraLiCiMus – Choir of Nova FCSH Music Sciences Degree Students

L. v. Beethoven Symphony No. 5
Anne Victorino d’Almeida Histórias de Abril, on themes by Zeca Afonso
Fernando Lopes Graça Canções Heroicas (arr. Luís Cardoso)
Chico Buarque Tanto Mar

Isaac Fernandes and Pedro Galego [Artallis Conservatory] conductors of the participatory choir
Alberto José Vieira Pacheco conductor of CoraLiCiMus

José Eduardo Gomes conductor