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Metropolitana's Percussions

Metropolitana's Percussions

The appeal of percussions is obvious to all audiences, especially the younger ones. But behind the masterly displays and gestural effects, there is a whole study and practice that cannot be neglected and make a difference.

The Metropolitana’s Percussions are the proof of that. Bringing together students from the Metropolitana’s Professional School, the Metropolitan’s Music Conservatory and the National Academy for Advanced Orchestral Studies, this formation has sought as a challenge the presentation of a very diversified repertoire, from classical to pop and world music. A mix unified essentially by quality, but also by the daring that always gives a note of spectacularity to the interpretations.

The musical dissemination is one of the goals of this group, so it makes many presentations for school audiences, but also performs concerts in halls like Centro Cultural de Belém or Cinema São Jorge, with guest soloists like Anders Åstrand, Pedro Carneiro, among many others. It has also performed in some of Lisbon’s main street festivals.

In 2011 and 2014 the group was awarded the 1st Prize in the Chamber Music category, medium level, of the Young Musicians Prize, by RDP – Antena 2 and, in February 2015, was distinguished internationally as Grand Prix Winner in the “21st Century Art competition for young performance”, which took place in Funchal.

This young group shows how the bridge between pedagogical training and musical artistic practice has borne fruit in this innovative Metropolitana’s project. A constant discovery of sounds and rhythms, directed by professor Marco Fernandes.

Metropolitana’s Percussions plays exclusively with Yamaha and Zildjian products.