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MUSICAR: Metropolitana's inclusive project was selected amongst more than 300 applications

Under the seal of MusicAIRE, an action co-financed by the European Union to support the music industry, MUSICAR project is an initiative of Metropolitana, which runs from February to November 2023 and aims to contribute to full access to the arts for blind and deaf individuals through the promotion of music theory and practice in these communities. The project was selected from over 300 applications from all over Europe.

In partnership with experts and organisations with proven experience in actions addressing visual and hearing disabilities, the proposal assumes an explorative and forecasting approach to the best practices.

Amid complementary and diverse initiatives, it comprises firstly awareness-raising and specialised training for music teachers and then theoretical and practical classes for blind and deaf students.
It all culminates in a public concert that will bring together the participants, the Lisbon Metropolitan Orchestra and guest musicians at the stage of São Luiz Theatre on the 29th of November.

The project’s name, MUSICAR, echoes the concept developed by New Zealand musician and pedagogue Christopher Small, who argued that music is an eminently relational phenomenon and that its essence does not reside in the artwork as an object, but rather in the action, in what each of us does with the music.

Invitation to the first Laboratory

Friday 24th of February, 18h00, at Metropolitana Headquarters
Registration form until the 17th of February]

The first meeting with all those interested in closely following the development of this experience of a didactic, artistic and inclusive nature will take place on the 24th of February, between 18h00 and 20h00, at Metropolitana headquarters.

On the occasion, the aim is to briefly present the project, gather contributions for its implementation, collect testimonies that allow a summary of the current formative offer in the field of music for these communities, identify methodologies and experiences already tested by different agents in this area and, above all, to point out the best practices to be implemented throughout the process.

Due to the pioneering nature of the proposal, this is an entirely new field of action for Metropolitana’s professionals as well, including musicians, teachers, administrative staff and educational assistants.

It is therefore with the purpose of raising awareness and developing specific skills to act with criterion in this area that this moment of dialogue is being promoted, inviting those who have already cleared the way and potential beneficiaries whose needs and expectations are a determining factor. In this same sense, Metropolitana is counting on the “complicity” of two entities that in the past years have started activities of this nature: «Filarmónica Enarmonia da Associação Bengala Mágica» and «Mãos que Cantam», joined by São Luiz Theatre.
The intention is, however, to widen as much as possible the range of partnerships, not only to capture guaranteed knowledge, but also to enable MUSICAR project to widely give back the results achieved, namely through critical description of its activities, sharing the participants’ testimonies, the compilation of good practices, a video documentary and future meetings to be organised in the format of informal workshops.

More about MusicAIRE

MusicAIRE aims to help the recovery of the music sector by designing and testing a support scheme that can meet the challenges posed by the pandemic, while promoting the sustainability of the ecosystem. The initiative, supported by the Creative Europe Programme, aims to further develop the Music Moves Europe action and contribute to a green, digital, fair and resilient recovery.

MUSICARMusic Practice for Communities with Visual and Hearing Impairments

Project Coordination:
Rui Campos Leitão | Rui Magno Pinto | Sérgio Peixoto