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Metropolitana changes its graphic image thinking about the celebration of its 30th anniversary

More colour, more joviality, more modernity. These are the hallmarks of the new graphic line that Metropolitana will officially debut on the 1st of January, but which you will already be able to see in the next few days, in the promotion of the New Year’s Concert. All because 2022 is the year of the 30th anniversary of this house that belongs to everyone.

Music is life. And at Metropolitana, every day we generate new artistic lives. This was the starting point for designer Rita Antunes, author of Metropolitana’s new graphic identity, to begin the study of this project for which she was challenged. A 30-year stamp, a new font, “with a strong personality, more peculiar and striking”, and a “super vibrant colour palette” make up the new “business card” of the institution, which celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2022.

“This is a house that looks forward and educates for the future. And, therefore, our idea was precisely for the new image to convey this idea of newness and modernity”, explains the designer, who sought to escape a series of “conceptual and visual clichés of a certain type of seriousness and heaviness, more common in the world of classical music”.

The new stamp celebrating Metropolitana’s 30th anniversary

Rita Antunes preferred to value “a more relaxed, jovial and cheerful style”, because “music is life” and Metropolitana combines the artistic dimension of its professional orchestra with the pedagogical aspect of “training new talents”. “In fact, Metropolitana has been synonymous with new generations of music for 30 years and all of this should be reflected in its visual identity, through difference and the unexpected”, says the designer.

Therefore, the new graphic line includes “a super vibrant chromatic palette, a typography with a strong personality, more peculiar and striking, and blocks of colour, image and text, which together form graphic compositions with great visual impact”. In addition, the special 30th anniversary stamp “conveys in a synthetic way what Metropolitana is inside – orchestra and schools – that is, the diversity of the institution”.

Working with Metropolitana since 2012, Rita Antunes, 48, says she is “grateful” for this experience that is “worth gold”. “It’s been many years of hard work and very rewarding on all levels. Firstly, on a personal level, because I’m a music lover, a fan of all that is sound and music, so I couldn’t have a more inspiring focus. Everything Metropolitana does, from teaching to concerts, interests and motivates me”.

On the other hand, the designer emphasises the “visual coherence in the communication materials that have been produced over these years, but always with room for experimentation and to take several steps forward”. “I never felt that we were stagnant in visual terms, quite the contrary. There has clearly been an evolution in these almost ten years of collaboration”, underlines Rita Antunes, who also highlights “the team of fantastic people, in human and professional terms” with whom she has worked at Metropolitana.