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Cuca Roseta: "This concert with Metropolitana is a dream come true"

She grew up in a house where they listened to classical music and that was her first passion, even before she discovered Fado. This Saturday, at 9pm, Cuca Roseta brings the two worlds together in a Christmas concert with Lisbom Metropolitan Orchestra at CCB.

Foto: Instagram de Cuca Roseta

This show «Fados de Natal» is a “marriage” between your DNA, Fado, and classical music. What do you expect from this junction of two worlds, apparently so diverse, although we well know that music is an universal language?

Yes, without a doubt music is an universal language and, above all, music, with or without labels, is made from heart to heart, that is, it has the first function of transforming emotion into Art that makes us stop, that makes us feel, breathe, thank life, be part of the beautiful side of looking at life. That is why so many genres come together, so many artists on the same stage to make music a channel of love and light that reaches the other.

And Christmas is a special time…

True. I have always loved Christmas songs, although I am a Fado singer, and the album “Luz de Natal”, which I released three years ago, comes to make that same junction, it comes to bring to Portugal the lyrics always sung around the world, now in our language, so that the Christmas message can be more easily absorbed.

And that is what is going to happen this Saturday at CCB?

Yes, that’s it. This meeting of Lisbon Metropolitan Orchestra and my Christmas fados will be a celebration not to be missed, unique and unrepeatable!

How does classical music appear in your life? Do you have memories of it in your childhood or were you never very connected to it?

Incredible as it may seem, my childhood references are not Fado, but classical music. At home, my parents always listened only to classical music and opera, so my development in music has always been accompanied by classical music. Later I discover my passion for Portuguese tradition and our culture and I go on to sing this musical genre which is what I was born for.

How did you see this challenge made by Metropolitana, as it is not the first time Cuca has worked with an orchestra?

It was one of the invitations that honoured me the most, I must confess.

Why was that?

Look, not only because I admire Lisbon Metropolitan Orchestra very much, but also because since I released this record, I’ve had the dream of doing a concert with an orchestra with this repertoire, and the better the orchestra, the grander it becomes! In this case, being at CCB this Saturday with the Metropolitan Orchestra is a dream I’ve been dreaming of for a long time.

The expectation must be quite high…

[smile] Expectations are very high, yes. I know it will be a very remarkable day for me and for my career.

You’ve just turned 40, you’ve been singing for over 30 years and you’re celebrating 20 years of your professional experience in music (“Toranja” were launched in 2001). What has this journey been like?

Very interesting. It has been a very beautiful path that I never expected, a constant surprise that has been growing and growing and spreading around the world. A blessing I have had, to be able to, through my voice and my art, make people happy for so many years with my music and my passion for our culture and tradition.