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ANSO student distiguished in important International Clarinet Competition

Guilherme Duque, Clarinet student at National Academy of Advanced Orchestral Studies (ANSO) received the 2nd Prize in the 18th edition of the International Clarinet Competition – Saverio Mercadante, which took place in Noci, Italy.

“I lack the words to describe how rewarding this experience in Italy was for me. The international competition was my first experience in a competition outside Portugal, and I can say that it was an incredible adventure”, shares Guilherme Duque with Metropolitana.

The 21-year-old student, born in Redondo, Alentejo states that he did not travel to Italy with great expectations. “I only understood how high the level of that edition was when I watched some auditions on the first day. To have been highlighted among all those incredible clarinettists was indeed a feeling of rewarded work that I had never felt before,” he stresses.

However, what he most emphasizes overflows the competition: “I never gave much importance to podiums and, therefore, I feel that my great prize was having the privilege of sharing this journey and celebrating this achievement in the company of six great friends (also participants) and of my teacher, Nuno Silva, who during these three years has supported me and helped me tirelessly to achieve all my objectives”, thanks the student who is attending the 3rd year of the Degree in Music – Orchestra Instrumentalist.

On his side, Professor Nuno Silva says it is “a privilege to be able to guide students of excellence such as Guilherme Duque and a pride to see the results of the work we do daily at ANSO”. Nuno Silva also leaves a note of appreciation to the accompanying pianist of the clarinet class, teacher Anna Tomasik, “for her availability and infinite patience in preparing this competition and so many others that we do.”