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Nuno Silva


Nuno Silva is one of the leading clarinetists of his generation. He has developed a dual career, as a Musician and Teacher, with regular presentations in Portugal and abroad. International critics reserve praise for him as “Silva has the chops to handle all this music and the swing to sell it.” (Fanfare Magazine) or «Silva’s tone has great core focus and ring.» (The Clarinet). He is frequently invited to perform at the World Clarinet Congress, in which he has performed in Atlanta, Vancouver, Porto, Los Angeles, Assici, Madrid, Orlando and Osteend, having performed in the Gala Concert with the interpretation of Artie Shaw’s Concerto in front of the Symphonic Band of the Belgium Navy. In 2018, he played the Magnus Lindberg Concerto, being the first clarinetist to do so under the direction of the composer himself. As a Professor, he has given masterclasses all over the world, in countries such as Spain, Belgium, Brazil, USA, China, Australia and Switzerland, where in 2018 he was Visiting Professor at the Haute École de Musique de Genève. His growing notoriety internationally has provided him with invitations to join juries of the most prominent international clarinet competitions, in cities such as Lisbon, Mercadante, Carlino, São Paulo, Ghent and Genève. His discography includes Weber’s 2nd Concerto with Nova Filarmonia Portuguesa, works by M. Dorsam with the Quintet Mistral, Percursos and LX1988 with the Lisbon Clarinet Quartet, SWING.PT and Live Performances.

Nuno Silva is an artist for the brands Buffet Crampon, D’Addario Woodwinds and Silverstein Works. He studied with António Saiote, Hans Deinzer, Pascal Moragués and Hakan Rosengren. He is graduated from ESMAE, Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Musical Sciences), and from California State University, where he obtained a Master’s degree with maximum classification in all subjects. These academic results earned him the invitation to be a member of the prestigious American organization Phi Kappa Phi Honors Society. In 2013 he was awarded the «Specialist Status», and in 2017 he was awarded the degree of Doctor with distinction at the University of Évora. He was the winner of all national competitions, including the 1st Clarinet and Chamber Music Prize in the Young Musicians Prize (1991). He was also distinguished in international competitions, having been semifinalist at Valentino Bucchi in Rome (1992), laureate at Aurelian Popa in Romania (1993) and semifinalist in Krakow 1994. In 2002 he was selected among the three semifinalists in Clarinet at the Concert Artists Guild, held in New York. In 2003, the Municipality of Seixal awarded him the Medal of Cultural Merit and his biography was cited in VISÃO magazine as «a journey worthy of national pride». His biography is in Gianluca Campagnolo’s book The Great Clarinettists.